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Suffering from inflammation is just that…suffering. There are creams and pills you can take, but they don’t always work, and they feel, well, unnatural. Thankfully, there are some entirely natural things you can do to reduce inflammation.

According to Dr. Frank Hu, a professor at the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, “Experimental studies have shown that components of food or beverages may have anti-inflammatory effects.” That sounds like a good way to start, and there’s nothing more natural than eating healthy foods. The first thing to know is what to avoid, the foods that promote inflammation. The basic rule is to avoid anything white (which contained white flour, refined carbohydrates), anything overly-sweet (watch out for soda and sugary juices), anything deep-fried, processed meats (salami, hot dogs), and certain unhealthy fats (lard, shortening, margarine). Red meat should be consumed in moderation. Now this all sounds like a good recipe for a generally-healthy diet, and it is, but these foods should also be avoided because inflammation is “an important underlying mechanism for the development of diseases” like type 2 diabetes,” as Dr. Hu continues.

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Now that we know what to avoid, what should we focus on? Well, the main idea is to think Mediterranean: olive oil, leafy greens, fatty fish, fresh fruit, tomatoes, nuts—these contain antioxidants and polyphenols, which are a defense compound found in plants. Essentially, polyphenols are what plants use to protect themselves from disease. So, if we eat plants that contain these polyphenols, we ingest the disease defense compounds that will help us, too. A good approach is to visit the grocery store or farmer’s market and choose four fruits or vegetables that are in season, and consume them through the week. Kale, tomatoes, oranges and cherries? Sure. But just as good are spinach, blueberries, strawberries and chard. The choice is yours.

This anti-inflammatory diet is really a no-brainer. It will make you healthier, lose weight, it’s just good, healthy eating. But while inflammation can affect our whole body, sometimes a sport-related injury can result in location-specific inflammation, as damaged muscles take time to heal. In this case, there’s also a natural solution. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) has been in use for decades and is safe, non-invasive, FDA approved and clinically proven to work. Now there is a new device, Welltiss, that allows you to apply PEMF therapy anywhere you happen to be, and anywhere on your body that needs some extra healing, to keep down inflammation.

Natural diet, natural PEMF therapy. A natural partnership.

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