Natural Solutions that Help with Inflammation
Healing the Top 5 Common Sports Injuries

We get it—there are only so many hours in the day, and life can get in the way. It’s hard to find time to exercise, between work and family and home and errands. But there’s not a doctor on the planet who wouldn’t recommend more exercise for a healthier lifestyle.

So what can you do? We’ve got a few ideas for sneaking exercise into your time at work. You’ll still get your work done, but you’ll rest assured that you’ve taken care of your body, too.

  1. Work standing up whenever you can. Clinical studies have shown that the very act of sitting down for too long is bad for the human body. We evolved to walk, stand and run. Sitting for most of the day is a very new sensation for the human organism, and we haven’t evolved yet for a sedentary lifestyle. So whenever you can, work standing up. Try placing your laptop on top of a filing cabinet and work on it there. The very act of standing instead of sitting works muscles and sheds calories.
  2. Take short calisthenics breaks. Studies show that we get progressively less productive the longer we try to push through a load of work. We tend to peak about a half hour into a work session, and then plateau, and then trying to grind out a session of longer than ninety minutes tends to be counterproductive. Instead of fighting through and getting less done, set a timer for every 45 minutes or so, and give yourself a five-minute break to do some calisthenics: jog in place, do 20 jumping jacks, 20 pushups or jump rope. Then get back to work. You’ll feel refreshed, mentally and physically, and you’ll even start to look forward to those sporty breaks.
work exercise
  1. Bring work to your workout. Some types of work require sitting in an office wearing a shirt and tie, but some do not. Carve up your work responsibilities into tasks you need to do at work, and which require being seated and fully-attentive, with others that you might be able to do on the go, or while working out. Catching up on email, reading reports, making a phone call—these might be tasks you could designate to work/workout time. Certain types of workouts keep you healthy and your body engaged, but allow room for your mind to be occupied with other things. Stationary bicycles and elliptical running machines, for instance, make it easy to read while riding.

    And if you should happen to injure yourself, while working out at work or elsewhere (or even just awkwardly reaching for a jar of mayonnaise in the fridge), then you can get back to work while healing. Just apply a Welltiss device to whichever part of you is ailing, and allow the natural, safe, non-invasive PEMF technology to speed up the healing—even when you’re at work in your suit and tie, as Welltiss is so subtle, no one will notice you’re using it (even you might forget it’s there).

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