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WELLTISS works with an app which offers 4 different solutions

Well-tiss app

WELLTISS works with an app which offers 4 different solutions

  • Bone Healing
  • Pain Relief
  • Regeneration
  • Tissue Repair

1. Pain relief

Relief from pain often seems out of reach. But finding a solution can put our goals, daily life and even a good night’s sleep back on track.

The Welltiss Pain Relief program helps you to achieve just that: relieve your pain, no matter how bad it is, and get your power back. It works by temporarily interrupting the pain signals, which makes it the most effective, natural, non-invasive and safe treatment for pain.

Pain relief

2. Bone healing

Give your bones the structure and strength they need. Bones are living materials - and when treated right, they can heal themselves faster than you thought was possible.

By permeating your bone marrow, the Bone Healing program enables you to repair the damaged cells, improve bone density and increase bone growth.

Bone healing

3. Regeneration

Improve your sports performance and stimulate your body to regenerate more quickly.

The Regeneration program helps you stimulate muscles, connective tissues and tendons. It works by weakening the nerve impulses to muscular cells in such a way that they ease their tension and begin to relax; needless to say, it will leave you feeling energized, renewed and relaxed.


4. Tissue repair

Get back to the way it was before your injury by repairing damaged tissues.

Therapeutic biological reactions, encouraged by Welltiss' Tissue Repair program, will bring your cell shape and collagen fiber organization back to normal – all in a natural and safe way.

Tissue repair

100% unharmful technology

Welltiss uses a non-invasive technology known as “pulsed electromagnetic field therapy” (PEMF) which has been in use for decades for medical and neurological applications.

The electromagnetic fields used in PEMF are complementary to the chemistry of the body, which makes it the safest and most natural way to support healing.

Easy to use


Safe & natural

What our customers think about Welltiss?

“I keep being amazed at how effective the Welltiss band and app are for enabling my joints to be more flexible, back like they were a long time ago. It takes time and it's subtle, but when your body works right, it's not easy to remember back when even sitting down would feel like the hardest job I had to do. Many thanks to the innovators who figured out that this might work, how to make it work, and provide it as an option for people like me!”

Gracie-Mae P.

“My experience so far: I've used it since June, about 3 hours per day. The Regeneration setting is most noticeable to me, as I often have sore muscles - it works wonders, especially when combined with regular stretching. Last week I wanted to really test it, so I skipped the stretching part after my workout. Took a little longer to feel the muscles relax, but still managed to get completely regenerated by the next day.”

Ned H.

“After a serious injury, I had pain in my left knee for months, couldn't find the solutions yet except taking strong medications which of course came with side effects. The first time I tried Welltiss I didn't expect it to work right away, but it did – I woke up pain-free the next morning! Absolutely amazing!!! I have been using it for more than three weeks now and I love it. I even started to run again! Thank you Welltiss, I am forever grateful & thankful to God and you!!!”

Conner B.

Safe and natural
Welltiss uses the power of natural rhythmic frequencies, converted into the language of your body. This simple smart device, packaged in a stylish modern design, acts as a bridge between the physical and digital world. Harness the digital to heal the physical. That’s what Welltiss is all about.
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